Doing Tai Chi exercises on the deck

There are many different ways to start a new day but will be more perfect and wonderful if starting with Tai Chi exercises on the deck among the great natural scenery.
Doing Tai Chi is gentle way to relax, keep fit, improve mental health and reduce stress of modern life. Joining in one Tai Chi class on boat’s deck in the morning, you will feel the absolutely fresh atmosphere on enchanting Bai Tu Long Bay.

Hunting sunrise on Bai Tu Long Bay


Wonderful moment when the sun is appearing little by little after mountains and sea.

Known as a pure maiden, Bai Tu Long brings classic and radiant beauty as well when the sun rises gradually after the mountain. Instead of doing Tai Chi, you can hold a camera to grab this stunning moment. Surely, all of you will be immersed in that magical space, when the sun together warm sunshine gradually appear.

Trekking into Vietnam central highlands with special experience via This is only 2 day tour for exploring the culture & imposing scenes of Vietnam central highlands with trekking by your own way. 



Kayaking is one of the interesting things on Halong Bay that travelers like the most.

This activity brings visitors several interesting experiences of self-discovery on Ha Long Bay. The water in Ha long is relatively warm in winter, so kayaking can be also done though it is cold weather. Wriggling through limestone islands with small boats, visitors will be contemplated closer the islands and the narrow caves formed between rocky islands.

Squid fishing in the evening on the deck

One of the activities eagerly welcomed by travelers at night on the yacht with staff is squid fishing. Travelers will be provided adequate tools for this active. Be patient, you will gain unexpected results.

Joining a cooking class with LaFairy Sails’ chef


Cooking class with LaFairy Sails Halong. (Vietnamese traditional dishes)

Have you ever cooked on board yet? Joining this special class, tourists will have the opportunity to learn how to make Vietnam traditional dishes while the yacht is drifting across the bay. Typically, the yacht’s chef will guide visitors to make traditional spring rolls and decorate dishes. Then, visitors will together enjoy their achievement.

Experiencing in Cua Van fishing village (Vung Vieng fishing Village)


Visit Vung Vieng Fishing Village to learn about fisherman’s life.

More than 100 families belonged to fishing village are living mainly by fishery. These households live in small floating houses. Although their living standard in this fishing village is relatively low, they still try to preserve the traditional culture from ancestors many years ago. Therefore, Cua Van is rated as one of the most ancient fishing villages where any visitor to Ha Long also want to visit once. Children here will surprise you because they can swim and paddle a boat or do other water activities competently right at 5 or 6 years old.

Massage on your own comfortable cabin.

If you have 2 days freely on board with interesting activities. Instead of kayaking or swimming experience, you need time to relax and recuperate your health for the next journey. Staff of LaFairy Cruise are honored to take care you with some comfortable and refreshing massage. You’ll be both enjoyed massage and immersed yourself in poetic space of Ha Long.