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What is the real reason of your Halong Bay trip? It can be the bewitching scenes of the 7th Wonder with thousands of limestone islands & islets among the emerald ocean. It can be the mysterious stories about Halong, Bai Tu Long and their caves. It can be the active time with swimming, kayaking, exploring or fishing. Let’s LaFairy Sails offers to you all you want in our delightful 2 day 1 night itinerary or 3 days 2 nights program. We not only take you to the most breathtaking landscapes of Halong Bay, but we also bring to you the best relaxing time on our luxury cruise. Especially, the dinner on the Top deck with LaFairy Sails will be an incredible memory in your Halong Bay Trip.

The romantic and cozy dinner on the top deck of LaFairy Cruise Halong.

LaFairy Sails dinner with the luxury space on the top deck is romantic with many candles and bolls.

To arrange a cozy and mesmeric dinner on the top deck, we open the elegant restaurant & bar area under the lights of a thousand of stars. The 360 degree panorama of Bai Tu Long at night appear charmingly while you happily taste your delicious dinner. In addition, the exclusive dinning is also decorated by a tons of candles and light balls. For that reason, LaFairy Top deck becomes an ideal place for sipping a glass of wine & admiring the charming maiden of Bai Tu Long Bay.

LaFairy's staff is carefully prepare the dinner for clients.

LaFairy’s staff is carefully prepare the dinner for clients.

The greatest thing for your dinner is actually our tasted dishes with beautiful performance. Just by the way of joining in the BBQ dinner on the top deck, immersing yourself into the miraculous dining experience, and enjoying the tranquil atmosphere around. Our crews will serve you by the best they can from preparing to the last second of the dinner. You would be able to indulge to this amazing dinner. Let’s be ready with an empty stomach and a camera. You will feel whole of value of the dinner on LaFairy Top Deck.

Immerse yourself into the traditional music of Vietnam with the folk instrument.

Immerse yourself into the traditional music of Vietnam with the folk instrument.

Finally, LaFairy Sails has an amazing gift for your dinner. This is a traditional music played by a folk artist throughout the night below the twinkling chandeliers as well. From the moment you board, you realize that you are embarking on a special occasion. The LaFairy classical music performances, personalized service and splendid panoramic views of Bai Tu Long are over your expectation for those celebrating a special event.

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Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay

Location: Bai Tu Long is near with Cam Pha City and Co To Island (in Quang Ninh Province).

Characteristics: Bai Tu Long Bay owns thousands of beaches, Islands and Islets. It has shaped by limestone Islands and schist Islands from appropriate 300 millions years ago. In along with the karst process, Bai Tu Long is formed a breathtaking looking as a water-color painting of sea and Islands.

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