Cua Van Fishing Village - the most stunning floating village of Halong

Cua Van Fishing Village - the most stunning floating village of Halong

Things to do - general

Cua Van fishing village is located in a quiet sea pond, surrounded by Van Gia – Cua Van mountains system. This is an ideal place for boat to moor. Situated in the heart of Ha Long Bay, Cua Van fishing village (Hung Thang Ward) has been become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.

Cua Van fishing village in Huffington Magazine.

Cua Van fishing Village is voted as one of the most beautiful towns of the World by Huffington Magazine.

Peaceful life in Cua Van fishing village:

Arriving Cua Van village, travelers enjoy not only themselves into the magically charming space, but also the eye-watching wonderful nature. The village is known as a lively water painting. Passengers will also learn about fishermen’s cultural life. The graceful girls in Cua Van will directly guide you to visit, show you how to paddle boats, drop nets and catch fish, shrimp…

Cua Van is originated from two other fishing villages of Giang Vong and Trung Vong. It is together with the island system to make a beautiful part of Halong Bay today. Cua Van part, that belongs to Hung Thang Ward (Halong city), inhabited by 176 families with about 750 residents mainly live based on fishing.

There are some floating classrooms on Cua Van floating village.

The floating classrooms of the Cua Van fishing town.

Traveling to Cua Van fishing village, tourists will be easily interested in simple beauty of barges, small bamboo boats, bamboo coracles (round boats) being moored at the front of house. In addition, you are surely impressed on the houses, which are tied together to against storms. Other delightful things as the simple-minded fishermen who are very friendly and hospitality, the little children who are tanned leather but very joyful and innocent… All are closed to you. The peaceful scenery contains full of wild beauty of a fishing village nearby the sea.

Some special experience in Cua Van village:

When the night falls down, tourists can paddle to visit rounding the village. Moreover you can try pulling up fishing-nets then going offshore for squid fishing together with fishermen, enjoying yourself into saltiness as a truly fisherman.

Following the footsteps of fishing village’s girls, visitors can comfortably play and nervously admire funny shape moves on rocky mountain. You will find the most interesting moment at that time, it is do harvest fish or shrimp which are tangled in the nets and put into corf then cook by your hand. Self-cooking and self-serving your dishes will be the most memorable memories in your trip.

It is foggy in Cua Van fishing village in very early morning.

The classic imagine when it is foggy in Cua Van Village.

Some scattered things about Cua Van village

When festivals or weddings happen in Cua Van fishing village, tourists are also heard “hat gheo” (teasing songs) or “hat cheo duong” (Vietnamese popular opera). The one is the form of singing performance with many folk songs ,which are typical of Halong Bay area. All creates the extremely unique attraction of Cua Van.

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