Lan Ha Bay or the oversleep paradise of Halong

Lan Ha Bay or the oversleep paradise of Halong

Things to do - general

Lan Ha Bay is in East of Cat Ba Island, near with Cua Van Village. It is a peaceful landscape and includes up to 400 Islands that became a giant fairy picture. Thanks to thick limestone mountains system, the oceanic surface of Lan Ha Bay is divided into variety of mysterious beaches and caves that have not been explored. If using small bamboo boat, travelers can go deep inside remarkable pieces, caves or swim into the private beaches.

Let's admire a panorama of Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha complex and its imposing looking.

Location: Lan Ha Bay is placed in the south of Halong Bay. It covers around Cat Ba National Park, and be famous with many islands, islets, and fishing villages.
Characteristic: The Bay’s square is 7.000 ha. It remains about 400 small & big islets & islands arranging heavily and forming originally. It is quite different with other islands of Halong, the ones on Lan Ha seem to be enclosed by trees or fauna matting though some of them is one small islets.

Best time to visit Lan Ha Bay?

Lan Ha greets travelers all-year-round owing to its cool weather and stunning scenes.

  • From October to the next April: It is the most ideal time for going to Lan Ha with a comfortable climate, and non-touristy of Vietnamese.
  • May to end of September: This is the peak of time for domestic tourism. You will meet more Vietnamese in your trips to Lan Ha. Moreover, it is really hot on the period between May and July, and August often takes rain and storms with its coming. Let’s consider for this trip in these times or contact to Far East Tour for the most up-dated information.
Lan Ha Bay in early morning.

The all-year-round beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

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About transportation on Lan Ha Bay?

  • From the center of Cat Ba Island, passengers move to Beo Port, then buying entrance tickets or boat tickets to explore the attraction you want.
  • In the case of sauntering around the area of the bank, passengers should rent local motor-boat for saving and convenience.
  • The most interesting thing is that you can find many senior cruises on Halong take you to Lan Ha Bay in their itineraries.

What to see in Lan Ha?

Luon Cave, which is located on Bo Hon Island, opposite to Tortoise Islet, in the left of Heaven Gate. The region of Luon Cave includes a lot of magnificent upright cliffs, and a peacefully transparent water face every time. Travelers going to Luon Cave is always excited by its mesmeric and harmonious nature.

Luon Cave is very suitable for kayaking and swimming.

Luon Cave is one of the most famous beauty spot on Lan Ha.

Nam Cat Island that takes you 15 minutes from Beo Port. With the primary beauty, Nam Cat owns a serenity for relaxing. You can find all of needed services here such as beach, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, camping or team building… Especially, there are 3 wooden houses on stilts, which helps you join in the nature completely.

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Monkey Island (or Cat Dua Island): You need 10 minutes going from Beo port. The island is really cute as its name with 20 monkeys raised. These monkey is very close to the visitors throughout the activities as swimming, begging for foods (banana, cookie, candy…).

Let's make friend with the cute monkey on Cat Dua Island.

Let’s make friend with the cute monkey on Cat Dua Island.

Van Boi beach: an ideal place for kayaking or swimming. It is placed in the calmest part of the Bay, together with wonderful looking.

Van Boi beach with a charming water face.

A perfect place for swimming with the tranquil water face.

Tortoise Islets is a small limestone on Lan Ha complex. It brings a tortoise shaping, and lets people imagine to a swimming tortoise. It is near to Viet Hai fishing village.

Languages spokenVietnamese, English, German, French

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