Sung Sot Cave – Amazing landscape For Cruise Trips

Arriving on Halong Bay, you will have a chance to contemplate systems of rocky islands bobbing among water surface with diversified appearances. The tourists are attracted by the occult and magic beauty hidden inside the caves here. Sung Sot Cave (Amazing Cave) is a wide and most beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay. The shimmering, magical stalactites blocks seemingly incarnate into countless of strange shapes and move inside an as real as dream world that makes every tourists passionately admire.

The special imagines appear on Sung Sot Cave.

Sung Sot Cave (Amazing Cave) is large and interesting.

Sung Sot Cave is located in the heart of the New Wonder of the World – Ha Long Bay, within Bo Hon Island, truly similar to its name, as deep inside Sung Sot cave as shocked by its beauty. The road to the Cave is along the steep stone steps wriggled under the green foliage of trees…

With great beauty, in early 2012, Sung Sot Cave has been voted as one of the top 10 most beautiful caves in the world by Czech Offices and Tourism Agency Association.

Sung Sot cave is divided into two main compartments, full of the first compartment looks like an immense theater. Cave’s ceiling is covered by a layer of silky “velveteen carpet”, countless “chandeliers” made from sparkling stalactites, stone statues, stone elephants, seals, raspberries, flowers … all are seemingly wonky and agitated between real and dream world.

Amazing Cave with diversified forms of stalagmite.

Thousands stalactites connect together for creating the strange shades.

Just escaped from amazing at the miraculous beauty in the first compartment, you will be more surprised when entering the second compartment by a small road. The light burst into inside brightens up all the cave. It is opened up a completely new strange landscape in the second compartment where is so vast enough to accommodate thousands of people.

More deeply you go into, more strange things you can see, like an old tree with lush foliage, sea bears, dinosaurs … Arriving the highest point of the cave, suddenly a “nice garden” appears front of your eyes with crystal-clear lake and charming landscapes. Many species of plants as well as birds are happily living here. Daily, monkeys often pull together down here to look for fruits that caterwauls the whole region.

Really shocked by the time you come to Sung Sot cave to admire the 30 meters cave’s ceiling in height with many small dents imprinted steadily and smoothly as being decorated by foam. You will feel like you are looking at the magnificent ceiling of a large opera house.

The limestone stage on Sung Sot Cave.

In the variety of color light, Amazing Cave looks like a twinkle opera.

Right next to the entrance gate are two stalactite blocks in the horse and a long sword shape. The legend said that after defeating the An invaders, Thanh Giong helped people here expel demons then flying to heaven. He left the sword and his precious horse to reassure the public, scare away demons. Currently inside Sung Sot cave, many natural pictures seemingly are the rest remnants of that fierce battle, Thanh Giong’s horse footprints became small petite lakes and many big rocks turned into crumble.

Tourists all over the world is not only shocked by the sparkling beauty that Creator bestowed, but also by a particular karst cave containing high scientific value detected by the France in 1901.

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