It is said about a mysterious village which attracts thousands of International visitor returns each year, Viet Hai Village lies in an internal valley in Cat Ba District. It is an oasis been separated with the outside. For this reason, Viet Hai Village also reserves itself a beauty of the past.



Viet Hai Village

To go inside the village, you have to move about 10 kilometers from Cat Ba Island – the most famous Island of Halong Bay. It is coved by variety of high mountain line and thick forest, or you can go follow another way from Cat Ba National Park. With only 70 small houses, Viet Hai Village still keeps on the virgin beauty, and visitors will have the chance to conquer the rough forest road.

Cat Ba Island and Cat Ba National Park: 


Cat Ba Islands is the most Island in Halong Bay with 367 big and small islands and islets. It is a huge region with plenty of fresh beaches, forested zones, freshwater swamps, caves and waterfalls. Cat Ba Island is really suitable for adventure tours that you can choose swimming, snorkeling, climbing, walking sea at night, sightseeing from Than Cong fortress, visiting Lan Ha Bay, Monkey Island, Cat Ba National Park and caves.


Cat Ba National Park is a Biosphere Reserve Area that is recognized by UNESCO since 2004. Cat Ba brings itself an untouched nature and full of limestone Islands, coral, mangrove swamp, seaweed matting, seagrass, caves, etc. Moreover, it owns a list of 76 kind of reserved animal



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