When to go?

General information:

Lying in the tropical zone and being covered by water around, Halong Bay has two evident singular seasons: a hot and humid summer contrast to a winter of dry and slight cold climate. Almost time, it is comfortable on around 15 – 25 Celsius degree.

  • The hottest time often begins from the first days of June and ends in the last days of August.
  • The lowest degree time is often on the days of January (before Vietnam Lunar New Year).

The weather in Halong is quite similar to Hanoi Capital, it is often stand downfalls, hurricanes and storms in late of summer from July to August. It is also the low season of Halong tourism in both of domestic travel and foreigners.

Time to go:

Thanks to a plentiful nature, Halong Bay – a New Wonder of the World is always received a great of visitors from everywhere of the earth each single month. However, it is accidentally divided to three gaps of travel time as following:

  • From December to the April of next year: It is the best time to experience Halong Bay for the foreigners who come from Frigid Zone such as: American, English, German, Swedish, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean, etc. It is quite cold and dry in this moment; and it is certainly suitable for people who cannot stand the boiling weather of tropical summer. At the peak of winter, you are difficult to enjoy swimming, but you can join in the other activities of LaFairy Sails such as kayaking, fishing, visiting famous landscapes, etc.


  • May and November: These are two point times of transferring season from cold to hot and reserve direction. Halong Bay is really comfortable in these month. It is so cool with a beautiful climate and space-life. Visitors will be able to enjoy full of interesting things on a Halong cruise trip. LaFairy Sails surely brings to you the most relaxing time between sea and sky.
  • From June to October: It is the hottest time with strong sunshine in “the land of Dragons”. The Western visitors often avoid to select this boiling time to go to Halong Bay. In spite that, this is also the peak of domestic travel season. A great number of Vietnamese people is converging on Halong because of relaxing themselves on the national vacations. Although that, this time is really advantage if you are planning for a budget cruise trip. Travelers can find out a lot of summer promotions or cruise discounts easily. At the end of July, Halong can be met several storms, but it will go away after only 3 or 5 days. If you want to discover Halong of Wonder in this time, you better ask LaFairy’s sale team to protect your happy time.

In conclusion, Halong Bay is such wonderful that you can contemplate all year-round. Each season, she brings herself a special charming landscapes of ocean. For this reason, when is the best time to visit Halong Bay really depends on your own definition of a perfect trip.